RT Office Cleaning Ltd has maintained its reputation as a reliable and respected cleaning company.

Established in 2003, RT Office Cleaning Ltd has an established reputation of being a reliable and respected cleaning company, providing commercial and office cleaning to West London and its surrounding areas. We have used our many years of experience to develop our business and expand the organisation, building an impressive portfolio of high profile clients who continue to utilise our quality cleaning services.

We offer an extensive range of commercial and office cleaning products and services, and we strongly believe in providing a personal service, with a focus on building lasting client relationships. We offer competitive prices, being open and fair when providing quotations and we take pride in all the work we do, knowing what it takes to successfully carry out our cleaning contracts.

Due to our success, we have been able to expand from our beginnings in West London, and we now offer services within a 40 miles radius of our location.


Here at RT office Cleaning, we pride ourselves in being a close working team –  one big happy family. From the director to the office cleaners, everyone is treated fairly and equally, because without a strong and motivated team, the company’s service would suffer. With 20 employees working in different locations, we have three individuals who oversee managing each and every contract, each with a different approach, but all successful in their own way.

Ricardo De Freitas, Director

Ricardo De Freitas is the founder of RT Office Cleaning. He is the man who built the company and the foundations it stands on to this present day. Ricardo is a very hands-on type of director, he will get involved when needed and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Ricardo oversees smaller premises which require a few cleaners and always keeps in very close contact with the clients allocated to him.

George De Freitas, Manager

An individual who is available at any time, whether it be 12pm or 12am, George is always available and will be there for his clients when they need him. George oversees all big offices that require a large cleaning team. He provides all of the training and when visiting sites, he will always look of ways to improve the service.  Another hands-on individual who enjoys and takes pride in his work.

Tania De Freitas, Director

A dedicated and strong woman who doesn’t rest until the client is 100% happy with her and the service. Tania devotes all her time to solving problems and issues that clients may have – she is the woman with the plan. Tania will always put her clients and cleaning teams needs first – very hands-on and somewhat a perfectionist.



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